TSIA research indicates three very significant transformations in business models occurring this year.

These transformations are clearly impacting the world of service revenue generation and most likely, your company.

The State of Service Revenue Generation 2016 report features insight into how your organization can stay ahead of the curve and position itself for success. 

Topics include:

  • Top 10 capabilities for optimizing recurring service revenue growth 
  • The four key actions SRG organizations should focus on taking this year
  • TSIA's 2016 service revenue generation research calendar and highlights

Download this report to gain insight into how you can achieve real transformation and enjoy a prosperous 2016.

"TSIA's in-depth research and benchmark data helped provide the supporting information to complete my team's business plan and set attainable financial targets for new revenue generation.

Christy Evans
Director, Service Account Management, Vital Images

The State of Service Revenue Generation 2016

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