Fueled by continued technical complexity and the push toward the “as-a-service” model, 2016 is expected to be another major growth year for managed services (MS).

The 2016 State of Managed Services report takes a look at the five key trends occurring in managed services this year and provides insight into:

  • Managed services revenue
  • Selling managed services
  • The 2016 MS portfolio
  • Delivery tools and the MS platform
  • Client management

The report also includes TSIA's 2016 MS research publication calendar. Download your free copy of the report today and make sure your business is positioned for managed services growth.

The State of Managed Services 2016

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“As we start up a managed services business, it is important for us to really understand the market, benchmarking, and trends. TSIA helped us do just that.”

Charles Wiseman
World Wide Service Marketing,
Extreme Networks, Inc.