As our world becomes more connected, the resulting technological climate has had a growing impact on the way traditional hardware manufacturers run their businesses.

This ebook aims to provide hardware manufacturers with an introduction to new business opportunities that can be unlocked with the Internet of Things (IoT), and covers:

  • The impact of "big data" on manufacturers
  • The basics of smart, connected products
  • The Remote Services Continuum and how to monetize an IoT strategy based on its three phases
  • Examples from industry pacesetters that will help you navigate this transition
  • How to create a digital value chain

While there are tremendous opportunities to be had in the age of IoT, without a clear understanding of where those opportunities lie, and most importantly, how to monetize them, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

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We are in the process of transforming from a traditional industrial company to a digital industrial company. As a member, we are able to leverage TSIA’s research and expertise to help guide us through this transition and really challenge the inertia and momentum around our product offerings in the market place so we can align on what ‘best in class’ looks like.

Ashley Haynes-Gaspar

Executive General Manager, Global Support, GE Digital


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