TSIA's new book, B4B (Business For Business), defines the new operating model for technology suppliers and their customers.    

In B4B, you'll discover what's required for long-term, sustainable growth and profitability in a pay-per-use world. In short, it is a fundamental rethinking of the tech supplier's role in driving customer outcomes. This requires new thinking, new organizational capabilities, and new sales models.

In B4B, you'll discover how to:

  • Embrace the new concept of Success Science to make your customers outrageously successful with your products.
  • Engage with your customers like never before through adoption and outcome services.
  • Harness the power of consumption analytics to accelerate customer success.

If your focus is on adding more features to your product…stop! Instead, concentrate on how you can help your customers achieve dramatically better business outcomes with the technology features they already have.

B4B is a groundbreaking look at the future of the tech industry. Customers have a whole new set of expectations, buying outcomes from vendors with “skin in the game” and valuing simplicity over complexity. B4B is a guidebook to position your company for success in this new world.

Lanham Napier

CEO, Rackspace

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