Happy customers tell three people. Angry customers can Tweet to millions. 

With the risk of a customer complaint going viral and damaging the brand, TSIA recommends that technology firms proactively monitor the social activity of customers to identify those with the largest sphere of influence.

Additionally, a scorecard should be created and used to understand how each customer’s social activity is promoting or detracting from the brand.

In this report, TSIA introduces our B2B Social Engagement Rating. Companies can use this scoring system to:

  • Understand which customers have the potential to impact the brand
  • Identify areas of high effort for customers and take corrective action
  • Influence highly engaged customers in a positive way

Every enterprise support organization should have a social customer engagement strategy in place.

Download this report to learn how create your B2B Social Engagement Rating program so you can identify, score, and monitor your social customers. 


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Dilip Kumar

Group Executive, Global Systems Integration Services, Dimension Data


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