Technology is a key lever for optimizing the renewal and growth of annuities.

With product revenues falling as technology shifts to a cloud economy, the pressure is intensifying for the service organization to contribute to top-line revenue growth for the company.

Executives responsible for renewing and growing recurring service revenue should understand which enabling technology components are already well adopted by technology firms, as well as emerging tools that may provide a boost to operational and financial metrics.

This 8-page TSIA research report includes:

  • The 10 relevant categories recommended for automating services operations
  • The top-installed vendors in each category
  • The current adoption trends and opportunities to better mine consumption data and increase service revenue

Download your copy today and get TSIA's service revenue generation technology stack recommendations for 2017.

TSIA is the best source for relevant facts, trends, and performance, and we use what we learn on a weekly basis to assist us in making operational and strategic decisions about our business. TSIA helps us to be a higher-performing organization.

Chris Todd

Senior Vice President of Operations & Chief Services Officer, Kronos


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